Movicom BMS

Advanced battery control:

  • Fully configurable I/O
  • Battery loging on SD-card
  • Industrial IoT ready
  • Web interface and desktop configurable tools
  • Works with different kinds of Li-ion battery by different manufacturers.

Movicom BMS

Movicom Battery Management System (Movicom BMS) provides monitoring, balancing and protection of composite batteries. The BMS measures voltages (the battery as a whole and each cell), temperature, battery current and resistance of each cell. Based on these data the system performs balancing of the cells’ charge and protects them from current overloads, recharge, discharge and overheating.

Wide scope of application

Movicom BMS is intended to be used in electric transport, uninterruptible power supplies and other applications using modern batteries.


The system consists of:

  1. BMS Main – central board;
  2. BMS Logic – several monitoring boards connected to the battery.

  • Works with different kinds of Li-ion batteries (Li-ion, LiPol, LiFePO4 и LiFeYPO4) produced by various manufacturers incl. Thunder Sky Winston Battery (China), KOKAM (South Korea), Liotech (Russia);
  • Could be customized to required battery type: voltage levels, current values, capacity;
  • Sсalable module structure: one main board and up to 20 subordinate devices having 4-12 cells each (up to 240 cells all together);
  • Individual voltage monitoring of each cell support efficiency and failure protection. Protection against overvoltage and low voltage of the cells;
  • The system includes up to 2 sensors per 12 cells to provide temperature control of each block;
  • The voltage and current are monitored from the main board;
  • The internal resistance of each cell is measured;
  • In case of imbalance the capacity loss is determined;
  • If critical discharge or overcharging by relay the battery is shut down;
  • CANOpen protocol is supported. Through CAN bus the messages related to possibility of discharge and charge, maximum temperature and total voltage are received;
  • Eltek Power Charger could be used with Movicom BMS.

Main Parameters
Supported Li-ion batteries Li-ion, LiPol, LiFePO4, LiFeYPO4
Number of controlled cells, pcs. 4-240
Maximum cell capacity, А*h Up to 1000
Maximum cell voltage, V Up to 1000

Electrical Parameters
BMS Main BMS Logic
Supply voltage, V 10-30 5,0 ± 0,5
Consumed current, mA Up to 150

at supply voltage 12 V

Up to 40