Smooth power control

MoviCar motor controller is designed to control traction motors in electric and hybrid vehicles. It provides smooth and silent control of speed.

Wide range of applications

The controller can be used in:

  1. warehouse hoisting and transport equipment (electric loaders, electric self-propelled stackers and trucks, self-propelled ladders);
  2. in-plant and city transport (electric and hybrid cars, electric tractors, electric motorcycles);
  3. sports and entertainment equipment (golf carts, electric carts).

One controller for many tasks

Designed for control of both direct current motors with series excitation and with permanent magnets.


Replaces Curtis and Zapi controllers with various operating voltages.

Main parameters
Supply voltage 19 ÷ 144 V
Output current up to 600 A
Output power up to 60kW
Operating temperature -20 ÷ 40 ° С
PWM frequency 20 kHz
Regulator efficiency more than 90%
Current in the contactor circuits up to 3 A
Weight 3.5 kg
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 297 x 162 x 75 mm