Battery Management Systems

Movicom BMS (Battery Management System) is a system that monitors, balances and protects battery pack with four or more cells connected in series. BMS measures the voltage and temperature of each cell of the battery, the current through the battery. Based on the measured data, the system balances the cells and protects them from overcurrent, overcharging, deep discharge and overheating.

Movicom BMS is focused on the use in electric transport, uninterruptible power supplies and other areas that use lithium-ion batteries for the accumulation of electric energy.

System features

  • battery protection by voltage, current, temperature, humidity, etc.
  • enhanced self-diagnostic capabilities
  • improved algorithms for calculating SOC, SOH, cell resistance, etc.
  • control of charge, discharge, precharge contactors, heater, cooler, etc.
  • battery status logging over the entire lifetime
  • calculation of received and consumed electricity
  • interfaces: Ethernet, CAN, RS-485, Wi-Fi (optional)
  • IoT ready


The system consists of:

  • a central board (system controller) BMS Main, which controls the contactors and external devices and performs the calculation of battery parameters;
  • monitoring boards (measuring modules) BMS Logic, connected to the cells of the battery for measuring voltage and temperature and performing cell balancing.

Battery protection from:

  • flowing high current though the battery
  • overcharging
  • deep discharge
  • overheating

BMS Main supports up to 20 measurement modules. Thus, the number of battery cells connected in series may consist of from 4 to 240.

Up to 20 measuring modules

The maximum battery voltage is limited to 1000 volts because of using elements providing galvanic isolation of at least 1000 volts.

Batteries up to 1000 volts

The system supports several communication protocols for interacting with external devices: charging stations, control systems, external display panels.

CANOpen / J1939 / Modbus

To provide wireless connectivity and monitor parameters over a Wi-Fi network, an expansion slot is provided in the system into which an additional BMS Wi-Fi module is installed.


The system is suitable for use with any lithium-based battery cells. It has maximum flexibility, allowing you to customize the protection parameters and the parameters of state calculation algorithms for different battery chemistry.

Any lithium chemistry


ElectricDeviceMonitor software was developed to monitor and configure BMS. This application for operating systems Windows 7 / Vista / 10, with which the following tasks are solved:

  • BMS configuring for a specific battery and operating conditions;
  • battery monitoring by service personnel during system operation;
  • BMS firmware update;
  • viewing battery history in graphical and tabular form.

ElectricDeviceMonitor works with BMS over CAN bus.

Movicom BMS components

Actual versions

Old versions


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